A rule of politics: You ignore what you think is harmless; you viciously attack what you think is getting traction. The greatest compliment one can have in the world of politics is to be attacked; the hunter doesn't shoot at a dead carcass, but only that which either has meat or could be a trophy. Or as my childhood pastor used to say, "Thank God when you're being kicked in the rear — it just proves you are still out front."

The vicious, vile, and visceral reaction to citizens gathering around America last week in the tea parties, proves that there really is panic from the far-left about the frustration that people in this country have about a government that will bail out big corporations, but let average working people and small business owners drown in a sea of higher taxes, bigger government intrusion, and now even question of the patriotism of our veterans.

Most people who raised their voices in the tea parties were not political ideologues — and many were as disgusted with Republicans as they were with Democrats. The so-called journalist from CNN who embarrassed herself by becoming the story instead of reporting it as a result of her yelling and arguing with a man holding his infant child is just an example of how contemptuous some in the media and the political bourgeoisie can be toward those they neither know nor understand or care to.

The ruling class and those who lead the chattering class are failing to understand that the rising voices are not those of partisan politicians, but the salt of the earth citizens of America who work in our factories, grow the food that is on our tables, who lift the heavy things that are shipped to our homes, and who no longer trust either party to solve things.

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