Dear Viewers,

Last night I received several e-mails about the segments with Terri Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler. For the most part, viewers were happy to hear their view point and to learn about Terri.

There were a few e-mails who said that we were not "fair and balanced" because we did not have Terri's husband, Michael, on our show.  I replied to those e-mails with the same message which is that Michael has been invited on the show many times and has an open invitation to return.  Michael's lawyer has been on the show on more than one occasion. I want to present both viewpoints -- but I need help, which is that the guest holding an opposing viewpoint accept the invitation.

I also wrote back -- from the set and even before I even unplugged my earpiece -- that he has been "on the show" before.  That is sort of correct.  I do recall interviewing Michael Schiavo.  I decided to find out exactly when so that I could inform anyone else who e-mails me about this.

I interviewed Michael Schiavo on May 7, 2001 (so I was right... sort of.)  Here is the glitch:  the Michael Schiavo interview was done on my former show, on my former network. I did not come to Fox News Channel until February 4, 2002.   OOPS.

My co-host at the former network used to tease me when I would make a mistake and say, "the first thing to go is the mind." I guess he is right.
Finally, here is an e-mail from a viewer on a different topic (the picture on yesterday's blog in which I donned the hat Ted Nugent sent me):
email #1

liked your pic of the  Nugent hat.  ....... any chance of getting a pic of a cheesehead hat and a full length Brett Favre nightgown ? ( I prefer the home jersey)

All in fun,
Dave Jones, Rochester, N.Y.

My answer to Dave:

Don't tempt me. I may just put on a cheesehead.

Best, Greta

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