When Animals Attack

Camels, yes. Tigers, no.

Upon hearing that famed tiger tamer Roy Horn (search) is in critical condition after the rare white Siberian turned on him during a show last week, it's time we wake up and smell the kitty litter.

First off, this isn't a kitty. It's a 600-pound beast with teeth and apparently a temper. Which, by the way, I'd have too, if you kept clocking my skull with a microphone to get me to move.

I'm not here to bash the feline. And I'm not here to second guess Mr. Horn. I am here to say, who needs these acts?

People tell me it's thrilling to watch man tame the savage beast. Give me a savage break! There must be better and more peaceful ways to wow a crowd.

Look, I know the famous Siegfried and Roy magic act hasn't had an attack in more than 5,000 shows, but who cares? Why tempt fate?

And I've seen these guys perform. They're really good. They don't need a beast on a ticket to get people to buy tickets.

Roy Horn's lucky to be alive. And members of the audience are lucky to have just been witnesses to the attack and not the main course.

I'm biased. I really like animals. And I don't like them being forced to do things they wouldn't normally do. There's no thrill in it. There shouldn't be any money in it.

Re-enacting events like the nativity of Jesus Christ is one thing. Throwing in a violent animal is another. Just as long as you don't clock the camel, or bop the Bengal.

Neither asked for it. Neither deserves it.

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