What's Your Favorite FOX News Moment?

In the past ten years, we've covered a lot of stories. Has there been a moment in our coverage that really stands out in your mind, a whole story that you feel we covered well, or a reporter that you think deserves accolades?

E-mail us at speakout@foxnews.com to tell us your favorite FOX News moment.

Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"My favorite FOX News moment was Monday, when you aired the debate between the four Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates. In my 54 years, I can't remember a more 'real' debate. We actually got see them respond to real questions! I hope you'll be sponsoring other debates with the same format? I really learned a lot. Thanks!" — Carol (Gardner, MA)

"I found FOX during the 9/11 attacks. FOX had the best coverage of the events. I got hooked on the people presenting the news and the content of the news. I have become a total news junkie. I like having both sides of an issue presented, so I can form my own opinion. Keep up the good work." — Cathy (East Windsor, NJ)

"Happy Birthday FOX News! My favorite FNC moment was when I sent a photo of my pet rooster Rocky to 'FOX & Friends,' and they called me and told me it would air, so I got to tape my Rocky being seen around the world on FOX News. I was elated! Thank you, FNC, and I wish you 10 more great years.” — Carol (Sanger, CA)

"I am a complete FOX News junkie. I watched when you first launched, but became addicted watching Shep report on Columbine. Without the sensationalism of 'some others' and just facts as he got them I decided this was for me and I've never looked back. " — Robin (San Jose, CA)

"I love Fox News! My sons are U.S. soldiers who have been stationed in Iraq twice. Yours is the only station with complete coverage everyday of what is going on there. When Hurricane Rita hit us last year he watched from Iraq and called home to check on his family. Thanks for keeping us in touch no matter where in the world my two children are stationed. I cannot tell you how much comfort your 24-hour news station is for parents like myself who can't pick up a phone and call the kids to check on them. Also, thank you for not forgetting our area after Rita came through. You are the only station to still report on us one year after the event. We appreciate the media trying to help us get back on our feet by calling attention to our plight. Thanks for being the all around news station we depend on in our household and all over the world." — Joan (Beaumont, TX)

"I enjoy watching Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and ED Hill. I like the way they deliver the news in a conversation format rather than reading it off the prompter. They give their opinions, which don't always match. That makes it even better — when they don't agree. I love to hear the crew in the background laughing when Brian says something silly, which he does often!" — Elizabeth

"Bill O'Reilly's show is my favorite FNC moment." — Ann (Havana, IL)

"My favorite moment on FNC is Skinnerville on 'Studio B.' Jane and Shep are both so at ease with each other." — Jane (Wheeling, WV)

"My favorite FOX News moment was when Bill Hemmer came to FOX News. I was very happy that he joined the channel, and I think he's a wonderful reporter." — Bridget