There's one thing that I'm feeling in my gut that I think a lot of people might be missing: Something is just not right.

Monday we told you about swine flu, which has killed more than 150 people and sickened thousands more in Mexico, the U.S., New Zealand, Spain, France and Israel. And it is scary, I get it — we do all need to prepare for a global pandemic, which experts agree is coming. And two experts on my radio program said this is the real deal.

But if that's the case, then why is the media talking about Arlen Specter?

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Something's not right, and maybe it's us. This is happening at the same time as a lot of other — let's call them "odd" — things. We own half of GM, banks are effectively nationalized with stress tests and we're about to set up universal health care.

First, this is how Obama talked about swine flu:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: This is obviously a cause for concern and requires a heightened state of alert. But it's not a cause for alarm.


This also happened:


OBAMA: ... to nurture and sustain a culture of scientific innovation.

In addition to John -— sorry —- I just noticed that I jumped the gun here. Go ahead and move it up. I'd already introduced all you guys.


To be fair, I know the president is busy and can't memorize all his speeches, but does it bother anyone else that historians say he's used the prompter way more than any other president? Does it bother anyone that he wasn't even able to start speaking until the script was in the exact right place? Sarah Palin's prompter acted up during the RNC and she gave her whole speech without it!

Then we had Monday's "secret" photo op of Air Force One flying over Manhattan, which gave lots of people flashbacks to 9/11. Obama's looking to cut spending "line by line" and yet somehow they missed the really expensive buzz past Ground Zero. We did a rough estimate, with the info $7,500 an hour each. Figure, on the low end, three hours to Andrews Air Force Base and back adds up to $247,000. Times are tough, so we used Photoshop, which cost 800 bucks plus a couple hours work out of a good artist.

And what about the 100-day lovefest between the president and the press that we're now in? The nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs found that during his first 50 days in office, the nightly newscasts covered Obama more than Bush and Clinton combined. It was also much more favorable coverage — the group found that on the ABC, CBS and NBC newscasts, 58 percent of the coverage was positive, compared to 44 percent positive under Bill Clinton and 33 percent for Bush during a comparable period.

And it's not just the press that's fawning over Obama. There's this picture of the president wearing a crown of thorns in messianic imagery. The artist has now reportedly canceled his unveiling in New York City's Union Square Wednesday due to "overwhelming public outrage."

Meanwhile, a new CBS poll couldn't find a single African-American who disapproved of what Obama is doing. Not one! That's an odd result considering I had several of those non-existent people call into my radio show just this morning.

As I've told you before, I believe Barack Obama is like David Copperfield. While we're all watching the right hand — with the swine flu response, the teleprompter, and the flyover — the left hand is busy. But busy doing what?

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