What's Up, Doc? Why Iran Is Like Bugs Bunny

How are you at deadlines? Do you meet them? Beat them?

When I was in college, I was very big on trying to get term papers done early, not because I was a genius, but because I really hated any big project hanging over my head. Others relish the tension of the moment — that last minute rush.

Enter Iran. It's been presented a deadline — another one. The United Nations is telling the country, stop your nuclear hanky-panky or else. The "or else" is sanctions.

Iran doesn't appear to be too worried. I think I know why: Deadlines mean nothing if they're not followed by something.

It's like that Bugs Bunny cartoon, where he keeps drawing a line in the sand, daring Yosemite Sam to step over it. And when Sam does, Bugs draws another line and then another, then another. And Yosemite Sam? Well, he's just befuddled.

I think the U.N. is Yosemite Sam. And I think Bugs is Iran. Iran suspects the U.N. is feckless and clueless. And nothing in the U.N.'s traditional responses gives old Bugs any reason to think anything else.

So old Yosemite Sam keeps plodding. And old Bugs keeps mouthing. Only this Bugs gets no carrot. And what's more, offers none either. It’s a cartoon, I know. But very cartoonish, I know too.

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