Here's The One Thing:

No matter who you voted for, you should be outraged that the government is rushing to spend $790 billion of our money without knowing what they're spending it on.

Texas Congressman John Culberson says they had to rush to vote because Nancy Pelosi was taking an eight-day trip to Europe to meet the pope and get an award. So far no one in Pelosi's office has come out to deny this.

Democrats promised that there would be two days between when the final version of the bill was posted and the vote, but they broke their word.

They posted it at 11 o'clock Thursday night; they got things rolling at 9 this morning; the House passed it early this afternoon and the Senate will vote later on tonight.

From posting to review time in less than a day — that's about $33 billion-per hour of review time.

Your representatives, who are supposed to represent you, are voting on a bill that's over 1,000 pages long. It's impossible for them to have read it all, because they'd need at least 12 hours to read it.

Do you really think any of the House Democrats who voted for it earlier did that? Or did they vote blind on one of the most important bills in our nation's history?

And people still wonder why Americans are disenfranchised with their leaders?

Today's rush to vote symbolizes everything that is wrong with American politics right now. You may love this bill or, like me, you may hate it, but it's hard to argue that we deserve to be represented by people who respect us enough to at least know what they're voting for.

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