I am going to say something now that amounts to complete and total heresy in this world. It makes me completely and totally apostate, a low-life, pond scum. But I'm going to say it anyway.

What's the obsession with Africa?

I mean, here's the day after the Brits big day of terror. Fifty dead, 700 wounded. The ancient and regal city reduced to walking home because of guys with backpack bombs set on timers and at least one guy who blew himself up along with his victims.

So here's Friday — what amounts to 9/12, the day after 9/11 — and what is Tony Blair (search) doing? Talking about Africa — debt relief, AIDS relief, starvation relief.

I know Africa needs help. But the day after their big terror day, the Brits were back to talking about Africa, as if nobody set off any bombs in London the day before.

I know, I know. The Brits were trying to show the terrorists that they won't be dissuaded from their important work in Africa.

But even the reporters were fixated on Africa. Can you imagine this in America?

"Hi, I'm George Bush. We got bombed yesterday and I want to talk about aid to the third world."

Mr. President, put a sock in it. What about the bombing? Caught the terrorists yet? Are you yanking out their fingernails yet?

Come on. What this is really about is that things are so good in Britain, life is just so perfect, the Brits have turned their attention to improving life somewhere else.

Bono (search) was at Gleneagles, Scotland, site of the G-8 (search), where he's being treated like a rock star who is also a prime minister who was swept into office on a landslide vote. Actually nobody voted him anything except cool.

But look at the guy. He's selling aid to Africa in a tuxedo jacket and a rocker's silk shirt and those damn stupid glasses he wears everywhere. What does he look like without those things anyway?

This is a perfectly good working class Irish rocker who now goes around demanding money from rich countries to give to the poor.

Am I the only one who thinks all this looks very, very nuts?

That's My Word.

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