What's the End Game for Radicals?

On Wednesday, I took you through this chalkboard and showed you the difference between revolutionaries and politicians. They are using each other for power and control; the only thing left to decide is who will win in the end because only one of these groups will be left standing.

Oh, what a trap they have laid for us.

I came to this fuller understanding after doing research on the anarchists here in America in 1919. They were plotting to bomb things to get the politicians to move government in the direction they wanted it to move. And a lightbulb went off because I had just heard this sound from the president:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: And I don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar; we talk to these folks because they, potentially, have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.


And that bothered me. Not the swear word, but the thuggery. It doesn't appeal to the average American. He wasn't talking to you. So who was he talking to?

Bill O'Reilly and I disagree on Van Jones. He doesn't believe Jones is as dangerous as I think he is — and I hope he is right. But now you know who the president was talking to: the revolutionaries.

Van Jones went to deliver the message to progressives this week that hey, the president hears you. He spoke yesterday at America's Future Now Conference. He just happened to be talking about how they shouldn't be mad at the president and they should focus on governing from the "bottom up" because they already "have" the White House.

I'm sure no one prodded him to do this, but listen to what he said:


VAN JONES, FORMER WHITE HOUSE GREEN JOBS "CZAR": The opportunity is to recognize that a governing movement is three things: It's top-down — you handled that, you got the White House, the Senate and the House. You handled the top-down. But it's also bottom-up and inside-out. Top-down, bottom-up and inside-out. So now your challenge, as you leave here — our challenge — is to take care of that bottom-up part and that inside-out part: the heart part. That's where we're weak now. And we have the chance as we move forward to take the old admonition from the South African movement and govern from below.


He also said this:


JONES: I think that when we look back at the history of the Obama administration, when we look back at the history of our progressive movement, that this week will mark an historic inflection point when progressives decided to be progressive again in this country.


I think something shifted this week.


Holy cow. A shift from what? I mean, has this administration ever appeared not to be progressive or radical? The stated goal of the administration is to fundamentally transform the country. It doesn't get more radical than that. But it's only now that Van Jones says the president is on board? On board with what? What is the end game here? What are we shifting to if we haven't already?

Remember the super-villain from "The Incredibles"? He wanted to be a superhero, so he creates a giant monster and unleashes it on the city. And guess who's the only one that knows how to stop it? Him! It's genius.

The theme of the progressive conference was "We Are the Change" and is best summed up on the group's website: "There is also the hard-won realization that once again American history is repeating itself, and that in the end... 'presidents do not create social urgency' — even presidents with Obama's gift for painting a broad progressive vision — but 'independent movements do.' And anyone who supports President Obama can do that by... 'making him do the right thing.'"

Remember, revolutionaries don't mind anarchy, they don't mind violence. The more violent the revolutionaries become, the more the politicians have to move to total government. It will take away all of your rights as well as their rights. But they are part of the system. If Obama takes power, they win. If he doesn't, radicals cause chaos and violence and they win.

This is from America Future Now: "Progressives have grown ever more disappointed. The reforms were both historic and insufficient to the cause. The recovery plan was too small. The health care plan was dangerously compromised. Financial reform is too timid. Even the student aid was overwhelmed by the soaring tuitions and severe cuts in programs in the universities. Wall Street was rescued while unemployment rose to 10 percent."

Let's examine a couple of those points:

The recovery plan was "too small"? $787 billion would make the stimulus package the 17th largest economy in the world.

Financial reform is "too timid." Really? Controlling 70 percent of the economy is timid? Wow, I'd hate to see "aggressive" in their world.

I saw this headline on Business Insider: "In 2010, the U.S. government is projected to issue almost as much new debt as the rest of the governments of the world combined."

The CEO of Green for All, (a big player in Crime Inc. — she sits on the board of Emerald Cities) spoke recently and here's what she had to say:


PHAEDRA ELLIS-LAMKINS, CEO OF GREEN FOR ALL: So when Glenn Beck started talking about me, someone said, are you angry? And what I said to him is absolutely we have a plot to take over this country. Absolutely we do!


It's not our hidden agenda.


So they do want to take over the country and the mask is coming off. But will anyone join us in this conversation out in the light of day? It would have been helpful before we passed health care.

Another speaker noted that Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Rahm Emanuel aren't part of the movement. Revolutionaries see them "as part of the problem." That's saying something! When the guys who are leading the government's current march to power are considered "part of the problem"? Again, what do they want them to do? Well, you have to look at what revolutionaries believe.

Did anyone know that last month, the Communist Party USA's 29th Annual Convention was held? Oh Glenn, so what? It was on C-SPAN. And you should be worried because they are excited about all the progress they're making — not just in Washington but on the ground.

The party chair, Sam Webb, on his website said that not since the Great Depression have so many Americans been so uneasy and so angry and that increasingly, working people are turning their anger into organized and collective rage against this crisis." He cites a few examples of that rage:


SAM WEBB, COMMUNIST PARTY USA: Union workers at Hugo Boss in Ohio prevented their plant from closing also with the help from actor Danny Glover. Big victory. Opposition to Arizona's draconian unconstitutional immigration law is mushrooming there and elsewhere.

Student mobilizations on University of California campuses against cutbacks and tuition hikes were very, very impressive.

Labor's May Day marches struck a high note in a number of cities, including New York down on Wall Street.


They have a plan. What happens if they get power?

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