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The Dems win. Rummy loses.

The Carthaginians used to crucify their generals when they lost a battle. But we've advanced a lot in the millennia or so since that was common.

Still, when I heard Bush say today that he was talking to Bob Gates about taking over the Pentagon on Sunday — two days before the election — and that he'd been talking to Rumsfeld about a "change in leadership," you have to give Bush credit for seeing what was coming.

I called this election for the Democrats six weeks ago as Mark Foley was being exposed for preying on teenage House pages. There really wasn't much to change my mind since, except for a brief moment of dancing around the campfire as John Kerry chewed on his foot.

The Democrats and the libs have been feasting on red meat for weeks, months, and it took its toll on the electorate. If you tell people they're losing a war long enough, they believe it, evidently.

As an aside, it must be interesting news to our troops in Iraq that they're losing.

Well, this is how it works here. The voters wanted change. They're going to get it. We don't become suicide bombers here when things go against us. We say, oh well, the Dems are driving the boat. Let's see where the boat goes.

The only caveat I would add to this sense of civilized acceptance is that the Democrats and the libs have convinced themselves that what they do will make things better not worse.

If the changes they make do in fact make things better, kudos. If they don't, well, I just don't want to hear a bunch of bellyaching that it's Bush's fault, that he left them with an unfixable situation.

The Dems got elected on that purely partisan claim. People bought it. Unwisely, in my view, but fine, it's over, you're elected.

Now, govern. And that means policies that can be explained and not just reverting to Bush-bashing when you're asked a question you can't answer.

Good luck you guys. And by the way, what's your plan for Iraq again?

That's My Word.

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