What's So Hard About Keeping Your Word?

They say your word is your bond.

Which is why I have a tough time bonding with a lot of service companies and contractors these days.

Rarely do they keep their word — at least the ones I've encountered.

The ones who say they'll call you back, but don't.

The ones who say they'll show up at a certain time, but won't.

The ones who say they'll be with you long after the sale, but forget your name within minutes of the sale.

If I've seen it once, I've seen it a thousand times: A lot of people have a lot of difficulty keeping their word.

I don't think I'm over-stating things to say it just could be the death of America — a country long known for making deals via handshakes, now increasingly defined by double-talking salesmen making deals via shakedowns: saying anything to get the deal, doing nothing to secure the deal.

That's why I'm surprised by the retailer who does call you back or the contractor who does keep to his estimate, or the utility guy who does show up on time, or calls you personally if he's running late.

I know running a business these days is tough. But treating your customers like clueless cattle is tougher. Because cattle sometimes wander —especially when they've been given a bum steer.

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