A quick trip around Hannity's America...

No Money for You!

President Obama wasted no time attacking President Bush for neglecting the victims of Hurricane Katrina. On his first full day in office, the White House Web site was changed to say, "President Obama will keep the broken promises to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast."

Well, it looks like it's President Obama who's breaking promises. The pork bill signed Tuesday spreads your money all over the country, but the AP reported Thursday that it doesn't allocate a single penny to fixing leftover damage from Hurricane Katrina. Friday, the AP reports that President Obama is dispatching two Cabinet secretaries to tour the Gulf Coast region. What a guy!

As for the lack of funding, the White House says the region has more than enough of it, it's just bogged down in the bureaucracy. Well, that certainly bodes well for the $787 billion in the pork bill!

Back So Soon?

Thursday night, Vice President Joe Biden was the subject of our Liberal Translation. Well, Friday night he's back for an encore performance. Take a look at Mr. Biden from earlier when he spoke to a group of mayors assembled at the White House:


JOE BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT: You know, in a long career in politics, there's one overwhelming reason why I never ran for mayor, which is it's too hard.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Not like being a senator. In 36 years, I rarely worked more than 100 days out of the year.

BIDEN: They have got your phone number, and they know where you live, and they come and they use it.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: What do they think? We actually want their input?

BIDEN: Well, President Obama and I are turning that around.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I really hope nobody here saw the stock market this week.

BIDEN: We want you to know you can have our phone number, and you know where we live. And...


And we expect you to use it.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Good luck getting past the Secret Service!


That's it for now, Mr. Vice President, but we'll see you back here soon.

Blue Dog Blues

With the House out of session, representatives from around the country have traveled back home to their districts to defend their vote on the $787 billion spending spree, and some Democrats, like Congressman Brad Ellsworth of Indiana, are facing some fierce criticism from their constituents. Ellsworth was one of the 11 Democrats to oppose the initial House spending package, but after a ride on Air Force One, he changed his vote and supported the final bill.

This week, at a series of heated town hall meetings in southern Indiana, Ellsworth was on the defensive. According to WEHT-TV, the crowd at one meeting "blasted" him regarding his vote, with one constituent reportedly telling him, "There’s more pork in the stimulus bill than a pound of bacon."

Like Ellsworth, President Obama and everyone else who supported this irresponsible piece of legislation are going to have to face the music sooner or later.


President Obama seems to be using Air Force One to do more than just win votes for pricey legislation. Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker rode aboard Air Force One last week, and perhaps it helped that she spent the campaign blasting Sarah Palin, going so far as to demand she leave the Republican ticket!

The president and his family got gentler treatment from Parker, who reported on her Air Force One ride this way: "I was also struck by how lean and fit everyone is. The Obamas are thin people, a sight to behold in the age of obesity."

As for the president's flaws, well, Parker just couldn't find any: "You may as well try to find the Dalai Lama’s Achilles heel. I suspect that if you cut Obama open, you'd find a little Buddha sitting inside, smiling."

Wow, with that kind of sucking up, I’m guessing Parker can expect many more invitations back on Air Force One.

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