I know this sounds like a broken record, so I apologize in advance... but I cannot figure out exactly where John Kerry (search) stands on Iraq.

He criticizes President Bush mercilessly, saying he's out of touch with reality and is in denial about the state of things in Iraq.

He hints around about the things he would do, but ends up sounding much like what the president is trying to do.

Kerry's main talking point lately is saying, 'We've got to win. We've got to win.'

Well, pardon me, but duh! Of course we've got to win.

Richard Holbrooke (search) actually said the president wussed out on Fallujah. Kerry repeated that Thursday.

So let me get this straight. The guy who says we have to build alliances is now saying we should have gone into Fallujah and killed the insurgents there and turn the place into a bloodbath — a righteous bloodbath, mind you — but he thinks that is the way to get France and Germany to come help us out?

Kerry says Bush is stubborn, that he won't recognize what isn't working. But then he turns around and says we have to do more of what the president is doing... more more more... in order to win win win... in order to make the world love love love us more more more.

I heard Kerry's four-point plan and I've heard Bush's five-point plan and I've heard Abu Musab al Zarqawi's (search) one- point plan.

Bush and Kerry say train more Iraqis, have elections, bring in friends to help, etc. Zarqawi says kill Americans and their Iraqi friends.

I'm beginning to think if Kerry wins, he'll do what Bush is doing now.

He says he'll do it better. You have to decide if you think that's true.