So, what is really in a name? More names, apparently.

Some of you quite offended that I would be offended by a Republican committee member eager to formally rename the Democratic Party, the "Democrat Socialist Party." I'm sorry. I’m offended she's wasting the time trying.

Look, parties call each other names all the time. Trying to institutionalize them is quite another matter. I'm not saying her argument isn't sound. It's just not sound getting away from the argument.

Calling your enemy names doesn't make them any less of an enemy. It risks making you more of a clown for trying. You're free to call them what you want, and to call them on the socialist issues you fear. Simply slapping a name or label on it doesn't change things. You coming up with substantive alternatives does.

Look, parties are bigger than labels. I believe, in time, they're better defined, not by their temper, but their tone. And again, I’m sorry, — this is just me — the tone here is just plain wrong for the times.

These times demand solutions and hours, days, weeks and months coming up with those solutions. Not slapping labels on a party, but credible alternatives to the hapless direction you claim is that party.

Ronald Reagan never renamed his opposition on labels. He trounced them on something else. Issues. Issues that matter. And make the grade. Not issues that appeal to those not much beyond the fifth grade.

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