What's filling the void this weekend at your local 500 screen megaplex? We find out in the bright marquee glare of the Foxlight.

If you can't stand the heat, get outta the "Apple Pie." Yes, American Pie is back for a second helping. It's a year later and the bake sale gang is home from college for summer vacation.  I wonder what dessert treats will be abused this time?

Next, Bill Murray is bugged in Osmosis Jones. Actually, he's got a cold and we have to go inside Mr. Murray, to an animated world populated by white blood cell voiced by Chris Rock and Mayor Phlegmming by Star Trek honcho William Shatner.

This flick is also coming to the boob tube as a series, and the buzz says it's nothing to sneeze at.

Finally, this is what Nicole Kidman was doing when she wasn't singing and dancing in Moulin Rouge. The Others is a creepy supernatural thriller. But the most interesting thing about this movie may be one of the co-producers - Kidman's estranged husband Tom Cruise.