What Movie?

Dear Viewers,

When this blog first gets posted, I will be on a plane headed south. Tonight we are doing the show out of Miami which means, among other things, that I will be doing it on little sleep since I got up early to catch a flight. So if you hear me slur my words, it isn't that I was at a party before the show.

I don't know how your day was yesterday, but mine was "interesting." There is a man running around a major Texas city claiming to be partners with me in a movie venture (starring Julia Roberts.)  I first got wind of this "movie" about a month ago when I began getting calls from various businesses in Texas seeking to confirm the business relationship.

Recently, a Texas limousine company called to verify that I was involved in this movie project since this man wanted to set up an account for "us" for our movie venture. The man is using my name as his partner and to "assist" in getting credit. The man apparently wanted to charge limousines to "our" account since he figured we would need limos to provide transportation for Julia Roberts and others starring in "our" movie.

My assistant came into my office and told me a limousine company called from Texas about the movie I am doing and about opening a joint account with the man. I said, "what movie?"  She said, "I wondered."  I replied, "I am not doing a movie. You know everything I am doing."  I told her to call them back and find out what was going on. The limo company told her that the man said he is in business with me and that we are doing this big movie. They wanted to verify before opening this limo account.

Yesterday I received a voice mail from the man (he called my Senior Producer in NY the evening before.)  The message, which I saved and in which he identified himself, informed me that he was at an accountant's office in Texas and needed me to call right away. He left a phone number and a fax number.  Since this is getting a bit out of hand,  I called FNC's Counsel and she then called the number. The number is indeed that of a Texas accountant.

Yes, the man had visited this accountant earlier in the day and was due back for a second appointment. The man told the accountant that I am working on a movie with him (starring Julia Roberts and, apparently now, Pierce Brosnan) and that I am also his lawyer. Per the accountant, the man told him that I had recently drafted an irrevocable trust to protect the $17,000,000 he just inherited. The accountant wanted to verify this $17 million dollar trust with me before he performed accounting services for the man.

Of course, I had not done anything of the sort (and frankly, if I were still practicing law, you would be crazy to ask me to draft an irrevocable trust. I have no idea how to draft such a document.)  FNC's Counsel informed the accountant that I am not in a business relationship with this man -- in fact, I have no idea who he is.

I will keep you posted. 
Now for some e-mails (picked randomly)...

e-mail  #1: 
In the Terri Shiavo case, I think it is disgraceful that some people
want to remove her feeding tube. She is a living, breathing person that
deserves every protection possible. "Thou shalt not kill" is wriiten
in the bible as one of the Ten Commandments and whoever wants to kill
Terri Shiavo, whether it be her husband or anyone else, will have to
answer for it.


ANSWER FROM ME: I have had many e-mails agreeing with Cathy, and  I have had many emails from people with the opposing view and believe Michael is simply advocating his wife's wishes.

e-mail #2:

Greta: It may be prudent to consider showing some of the good things that our troups have accomplished (i.e., schools, hospitals, rebuilding, etc.) so that Americans have a better understanding (balance).


ANSWER FROM ME: I don't think Pat has been watching our show to the end.  I had hoped the "weather bug" would persuade viewers like Pat to stick around to the end. At the end of our show, we have been showing pictures of the accomplishments of our troops. The pics are sent directly from our troops in Iraq or their families here in the USA. Pat should read e-mail #3 below:

e-mail # 3


I sent this e-mail and pics just 2 days ago, and I had to tell you how absolutely THRILLED I was to see one of these photos displayed on your show last night. It made my heart skip a beat. Truly, I didn't expect you would show any, or at least not this quickly. And I had just stepped
away from the TV during a commercial, only to return as the photo journal was already in process. Hopefully I didn't miss any others.

I also thought I would add the pronounciation of my daughter's name, (since you requested it) just in case you have a need for it in the future. More photos should be on their way to me and I would love to share them with you later. This is a terrific idea, and I can't express to you how much it means to all the families and soldiers. Thank you!

-Denise Brown Soldier: Spc. Caryn (Ka-rin' ) Brown
Army Mom
Reading, Pennsylvania

ANSWER FROM ME:  the thrill is mine.  I love showing the pictures of our troops.  You have no idea what fun it is for me!  I look forward to the troops sending me more pictures!!


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