What Motivates Terrorists to Kill?

Hi Everyone,

We're producing interesting shows for you this weekend. We'll have lots of follow-up to the foiled airline terror plot, including taking an in-depth look at Muslim student groups and whether these breed radicalism and hatred or community and unity.

Last weekend our segment with the former PLO terrorist got such a huge response from our viewers that we're doing a similar one this weekend. It's always compelling to hear what motivates these young men (and women) to want to kill.

Now that we know these alleged terrorists planned to use liquid explosives in sports drink bottles, what can authorities at the TSA do to stop an attack like that? We'll ask a technology expert.

And if you're one of those people who thinks that mustaches only belong on Burt Reynolds, the Marlboro Man and Kelly Wright, you'll want to tune in to see if the ‘stache can make a comeback. If our guest has his way, Kiran and I may be sporting two by the end of the show.

Hope to see you all on Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m.-10 a.m. ET and I look forward to hearing your comments via e-mail and calls to "FOX & Friends."


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