TomKat’s Take on a Wedding

As if this couple couldn’t get any weirder… now the gossip columns are talking about TomKat’s unusual wedding ceremony. For the most part, Scientology wedding ceremonies are just like traditional wedding ceremonies, however, there are a few differences.

In a Scientology wedding, the groom is referred to as a “man” while the bride is referred to as a “girl”… kinda strange. Also, the couple vows to never go to bed angry at each other. And even though Scientologists believe in reincarnation, apparently it doesn’t apply to their love for each other.

Yup, in Scientology they believe that you are free of your marital obligations when the participants die. Maybe there is hope for Katie…

What Owning a Mean Dog Means

Well, some say that owners of mean dogs tend to me mean themselves. An Ohio study shows that people who own dogs such as pit bulls have a significantly higher criminal conviction rate than owners of gentler dogs such as beagles.

The study explains that the “owners of vicious dogs who have been cited for failing to register a dog are nine times more likely to have been convicted for a crime involving children and three times more likely to be convicted of domestic violence.”

Thinking about buying a puppy any time soon? What will you pick?

"Clicker" Caper

How important is your remote control? Is it important enough to risk going to jail? For one French thief it was.

The burglar broke into a home in the village of Mussidan, France and successfully removed a TV without being caught. But once he got home he realized he forgot to grab the remote — so he went back for it!

What do they say? You should never return to the scene of your crime? This burglar broke the cardinal rule and ended up being caught by police his second time around.

It’s amazing that the man went all the way back to the house, but he is apparently too lazy to get up to change the channel.

Next week on FNL…

Traveling with the kids next week? If so you’ll want watch my show on Monday. Dr. Manny is going to show us a new way to fly with kids.

Kiss carrying that car seat goodbye. This new lightweight space saver is going to be any parent’s best travel companion.

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