We consider it a priority here at “Heartland” to shine a spotlight on those who do extraordinary things — people we consider heroes.

What makes a hero? In my opinion, a hero is someone who finds their God-given talent and uses it at a risk or inconvenience to himself or herself to benefit someone else.

There are those who do not realize their own special gift. I hope they will look for it and have the courage to use it. You will discover that recognizing that talent and using it will bring great satisfaction and meaning to your life.

You don’t have to be famous to be a hero. You don’t have to do something big. It could be as simple as paying a visit to a woman who lost her husband or spending time tutoring a child. No one should underestimate the power of his or her own special gift. And no one should underestimate the power of his or her gift on the world. Gifts are like stars in the sky because just like stars in the sky, none is more beautiful than another.

Let's join together in 2006 and make a commitment to a more healthy and peaceful community and nation.

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