What is it with our fascination in Britney Spears?

I suspect the same thing that keeps us watching Michael Jackson, or Paris Hilton, or O.J. Simpson.

We like to see train wrecks. Or what we think will be train wrecks.

We like to see people on edge. And hopefully, going over the edge.

Britney, of course, is in a sad league of her own.

But the theme is remarkably similar. People who had it all seemingly losing it all, and we've got a front row seat to their unwinding.

To their SUV arriving at a fateful courthouse, or their SUV taking them from a courthouse.

Maybe there's something about the powerful looking pathetic. Some secret delight in seeing Hillary Clinton allegedly unraveling.

Or four years earlier Howard Dean definitely unraveling.

I guess in an overly rehearsed and programmed world, it is refreshing to see what image-makers hope we do not.

Stars suddenly struck.

Very human, very vulnerable, and sometimes, just very nutty.

Psychologists say we're seeing more people losing it today. Maybe because there are a lot more pressures today. And a lot more media today.

So I guess that means, no, you're definitely not going crazy. Stars are going crazy.

The difference this time, there are helicopters and cameras everywhere to make sure you don't miss a single shot.

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