What Have We Learned in the First Six Weeks of Obama's Presidency?

It's Friday, and you know that means: It's time for the Friday List!

Tonight's list: What we've learned in the first six weeks of Obama's presidency!

No. 1: When Wall Street suffers, so does Main Street. Class warfare rhetoric worked to win an election, but it's losing an economy. But hey: What a historic election!

No. 2: "Historic" doesn't mean it can't be ruinous. For example, see the sky. It's falling.

No. 3: If you're a corporation, throwing parties is evil in these hard times. But if you're the president, then it's messiah-like mayhem at the White House every Wednesday night. Seriously, he really is as gorgeous in person as he is on those commemorative plates.

No. 4: Ivy League grads can be as stupid as everyone else. See Tim Geithner and just about everyone else within 500 feet of him.

No. 5: Unlike the world press, countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela haven't let Obama's abs go to their heads. Yeah, he's cute and everything, but check out our missiles.

And finally, the only way now to stop the madness is for Americans to go after Congress. Seeing how Obama is unconcerned that the greatest system for human survival and happiness in the history of mankind is being dismantled in favor of policies that have failed all over the world, it makes it hard to say something hopeful about Obama's presidency.

I guess it's above my pay grade.

And if you disagree with me, you're worse than Hitler.

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