What Happens When Usama bin Laden Agrees With You?

What happens when the world's worst person agrees with you on a certain issue? Well, it should make you reconsider your view on said certain issue.

You'd think that, anyway.

Take Usama bin Laden, who in a very eloquent message just released on audiotape, warns us of the dangers of global warming — blaming the U.S. and other countries for rising temperatures. He says the only way to stop climate change is to employ drastic solutions to shut down our economy. He said the world should boycott American products and have more sex with goats.

Now what's entertaining about this latest message isn't that bin Laden wants to have sex with goats (we knew that already), but how his environmental message fits so seamlessly with all that relentless blather heard at the Copenhagen climate conference.

My God, he could have co-produced "An Inconvenient Truth," been a featured blogger at the Huffington Post or command a prime-time slot on MSNBC (he'd get better ratings). His opinions so perfectly reflect those entities, you'd think he'd be a natural choice for the Media Matter's advisory board.

And yes, I believe they have an opening — and you know they're OK with the goat thing.

Anyway, when a person finds out that a mass murderer shares his beliefs, shouldn't he rethink his beliefs? Shouldn't Al Gore finally admit that his extreme climate change dogma is more anti-human than pro-planet when the man responsible for killing thousands turns out to be a big fan?

Maybe that truth is too inconvenient.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably a racist pedophile who doesn't recycle.

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