What Happens When Gov't Tries to 'Fix' Things?

If you missed Thursday's show, I urge you to go back and watch it — online or on DVR.

We showed you very clearly the people (of real influence) who want to fundamentally transform this country into something completely different than our Founders intended; into a country that focuses more on spreading the wealth than actually creating it; a place where success is punished, mediocrity is encouraged and personal freedoms are relinquished in favor of a nanny state.

We are at a crossroads, America. We have to choose: Do we want to turn back toward the Founders or continue down this reckless path? They'll try and tell you it's not reckless: "This health care plan is deficit neutral!"

Uh-huh, right.

The health of this country isn't good. We cannot afford more massive government programs. Our dollar will eventually go away if they continue down this path and, when it collapses, who's going to save us because America's too big to fail? France?

They'll argue that another stimulus adrenaline shot is the answer. But that's as bogus as the adrenaline shots in movies — like "Mission Impossible 3":


TOM CRUISE AS ETHAN HUNT: This is adrenaline, Lindsey. You're gonna feel this.



We all know what happens when government tries to "fix" things: It fails.

The real answer is "you," but government will say the United Nations or government will come to the rescue.

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