Now they want to hold hearings.

Lots of hearings. On lots of those financial messes.

As if hearings will solve anything.

Hearings rarely do.

Maybe because hearings are rarely about hearing.

And almost always about yapping.

Not from the witnesses.

But the questioners.

Not the pathetic pin-cushions who have to take it.

But the much more pathetic politicians who feel compelled to dish it.

Long-winded, bloviating, pointlessly blabbing political hacks more interested in scoring points than seeking answers.

Clearly anyone who appears before such kangaroo courts had better be prepared to be a piñata.

They're at that table to be all but nailed to that table.

Maybe these bankers and brokers, traders and regulators should be grilled.

But I think, fair being fair, they should be allowed to grill too.

Why not allow them to question their questioners too?

After all, don't the folks questioning them have questions to answer themselves?

I'd start with, "If we're so evil, what does that make you?"

"Why did you ignore these financial problems so long?"

"How did you miss these abuses for so long?"

"Where was your rage then?"

"Where are your explanations now?"

In Washington, they love to dish it out and appoint blame.

I have as yet to see a single hearing where they admit they goofed and share the blame.

Hearings should be about more than politicians hearing themselves make asinine points.

They should be about getting to the point.

And finding a solution.

I know it's hard for politicians more eager to look at a microphone than look into a mirror.

But it's time for some soul-searching, not scape-goating.

So message to Congress: Get over the urge to hear yourself talk.

Address our urge to do something else: Your job.

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