What Does Sarah Palin's Record as Mayor Reveal About Her Political Views?

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GOV. SARAH PALIN, VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: After college my husband Todd and I chose to build our future together in my hometown. Wasilla's unique characteristics offered everything we'd want to live our lives as responsible individuals.

I believe in Wasilla. That's why after four years on the city council I want to bring a positive, energetic, and determined voice to your ideas and concerns as mayor of Wasilla.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: For conservative, more efficient government, vote for Sarah Palin, a new mayor for Wasilla.


ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: That was a clip from Sarah Palin's first campaign ad for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

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And joining us now is author of "Campaign Boot Camp," California superdelegate, daughter of the speaker of the House, Christine Pelosi.

Welcome back, Christine, how are you doing?


COLMES: Good. So what is your reaction to the choice of John McCain as — of Sarah Palin as his running mate?

PELOSI: Well, I think it was the wrong choice for America because it was bringing the right wing and the far right wing of the Republican Party together at a time when Americans are looking for change and common sense solutions to our problems, so I'm disappointed that Senator McCain decided to kowtow to the right wing of his party, rather than really fulfilling his campaign rhetoric in trying to bring everybody together.

COLMES: And if she wants to run on her record as mayor, we can look to the fact that she had a botched attempt to create an ice skating rink, which was, according to the city attorney, her big tried for accomplishment.

She down played the job herself, saying it's not rocket science, $56 million and 53 employees, asking for resignations from people who's test of loyalty, and asking the school librarian how — I mean this (INAUDIBLE) how she would feel about taking books out of the library.

I mean that's something to really talk about.

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PELOSI: Well, I think as far as her judgment is concerned, as a former sexual assault prosecutor myself, I think the most troubling record from her time as mayor was the fact that sexual assault victims were being charged for rape kits.

Having been on the front lines myself and particularly right after Joe Biden's violence against women act and crime bill was passed into law, and resources were provided, it's so critically important right after a sexual assault that the victim feel humanized and not re-victimized by the system. So I think that's absolutely outrageous.

It's a shame that they had to pass a state law to overturn what Mayor Palin was doing, and I think, you know, that alone is a sign that it wasn't the conservative efficient government that she promised in that campaign ad.

Moreover, when you're talking about women's rights, whether it's crime victim right, whether you're talking about reproductive freedom, whether you're talking about equal pay...

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Hey, Christine.

PELOSI: ...this is not a good choice for American women.

HANNITY: Joe Biden said that if she is elected vice president, it's a backward step for women. Do you believe it would be a backwards step for women even though you disagree with her politically? Is that a backward step for women?

PELOSI: I think it's a backwards step for women's rights if you have in place the McCain administration that (INAUDIBLE) people pay for equal work.

HANNITY: I didn't ask you about women's right. I asked is this — is this a bad thing for women if a woman for the first time in American history becomes the president of the United States? Is that a bad thing for women like your mom became the first female speaker of the House?

PELOSI: Well, first of all, you're promoting her to president. She's only running for vice president right now, so let's not get ahead of her.

HANNITY: Sorry. Vice president, you're correct.

PELOSI: Maybe she'll run for president after President Obama's eight years.

HANNITY: Keep dreaming.

PELOSI: I think that when it comes to women's rights, it's important to say we're concerned about the Supreme Court. We're concerned about what that means for equal pay for equal right, for universal health care.

HANNITY: You're not answering my question. You're ducking it.

PELOSI: And so the balance that all women has to make.

HANNITY: Is it a step back — no, no, Christine, your mom was the first female speaker of the House. She'll be the first female vice president. Are you going to look in the camera and say that's a step backwards for the women of America that that ceiling, that glass ceiling, has been broken?

That's a step backwards? You're going to tell women that?

PELOSI: I don't plan on her being elected, Sean. I'm so glad that this nomination has helped you find your inner feminine self.

HANNITY: Is it a step backwards if she wins? And stop playing, stop playing Clinton games here.

PELOSI: That's great.

HANNITY: Is it a step backwards for women if she wins?

PELOSI: I think that Barack Obama is going to win. I think any one elected to high office is a good thing.

HANNITY: Good grief. Can you answer a simple question?

PELOSI: I'm all for women.

HANNITY: Why can't you say it's a good thing for women?

PELOSI: I'm all for women running and winning, I just don't want this one to win. How's that?

HANNITY: All right. So it's a step backwards if she becomes the first vice president because she's not a liberal like you and your mom?

PELOSI: I didn't say it was a step backward now. I said I'm for all women running for office.

HANNITY: Is it or not then? Yes or no? How about yes or no? Is it a step backwards or not? Yes or no?

PELOSI: I think that it's a step forward for her. I think it's a step backwards for women's right.

HANNITY: Is it a step backwards for women?

PELOSI: Because what we need to do is promote women...

HANNITY: You're playing word games.

PELOSI: ...and opportunities.

HANNITY: All right, now, your mom, you know, she travels around in a.

PELOSI: No, Sean, you're playing word games. You want to get me to disagree with Joe Biden, and I'm not going to do that.

HANNITY: It's not a matter of that.

PELOSI: What I'm going to say is I always want women to run.

HANNITY: No. That's not it.

PELOSI: I just don't want this one to win.

HANNITY: The national organization said she thinks more like a man. Well, you know, nobody questioned your mom's ability to have.

PELOSI: Well, I don't agree with that. I don't know how.

HANNITY: . a family or Hillary's ability to have a family or Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer's, but here's Governor Palin, because she's conservative, although she's — considered herself a pro-life feminist, she's attacked in ways that women have never been attacked in politics, that no man would be attacked, and if you're a real feminist and not a liberal feminist, you would stand up for her in that regard even though you have political disagreements?

PELOSI: Well, I would say this, in "Campaign Boot Camp" I actually write about this. Anyone running for office who has children is going to be asked who's taking care of the children, who's taking care of the family whether you're a Democrat or a Republican woman, you're going to be faced with those questions.

HANNITY: Joe Biden was praises for taking Amtrak home after a tragic (INAUDIBLE).

PELOSI: And I don't think that that — I don't think that anyone can answer those questions in a positive way. I don't.

HANNITY: All right, we've got to run.

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