Denying the role of militant Islam in the Fort Hood atrocity is like staring at a shark bite and thinking, "bicycle."

When an extremist kills 13 people while shouting "Allahu Akbar," Islam isn't just a bystander, it's got center stage. And now that U.S. intelligence admits Major Nidal Malik Hasan tried to contact Al Qaeda, it should make it increasingly hard for anyone to say otherwise.

I say it "should," but it won't. Look at the news:

Over at Time magazine, thoughtful-types speculate over a "secondary trauma" that caused the shrink to kill. Never mind terror, one network says we should focus more on "a backlash against Muslim soldiers." On a major Web site, they want us to ponder the "next McVeigh." And our very own Homeland Security secretary says she's hard at work preventing "a possible wave of anti-Muslim sentiment."

And that's the drill: When innocent Americans die, the first thought in our screwed-up world is "backlash." Never mind that "backlash concerns" may have allowed this massacre to occur in the first place: Hasan exhibited more signs than a horoscope, yet fears over appearing politically incorrect may have kept him around.

The fact is, in mosques all over the world, the desire to destroy the West continues. Yet Janet Napolitano still worries about what you might do. The P.C. thing? Avoid "connecting the dots" and stick to the "square pet, round hole" equation: A troubled man feeling hopeless, suddenly snaps and kills people.

But it's more than that. The defiant Muslim living in America has contempt for modern life, your lifestyle, your beliefs. Add to this a rejection of female worth, which pretty much eliminates any chance for a hook-up, and you've got a madman on a mission.

I suppose saying all this makes me a right-wing hate-monger. But so what? When a man kills Americans in the name of Allah and you become a bad guy for pointing that out, then it's time to be the bad guy.

It's far better than moaning, "Why do they hate us?"

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