What Do Women Want?

What do women want?

An age-old question. A zillion answers.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Britain is carrying a story Tuesday about a survey that appears to have been conducted for a bank which says women don't always want a man with money.

The survey concluded that women — British women anyway — claim money is unimportant when choosing a partner.

That makes women like Anna Nicole Smith in the very distinct minority, at least according to this survey.

And guys who have had a recent tussle with divorce court might think women want money, but apparently it's not true.

In fact, a staggering 83 percent of women questioned by the bank's pollsters said they would be happy to go out with a man who earns much less than them or, get this, was unemployed.

So Wisteria Lane is alive and well in Britain, too, I would say.

The spokesperson for the bank — a woman — said, "This is a reflection of the fact that women are taking more control of their own finances and are more independent."

That's comforting for men I suppose. Probably most men will think they don't have to worry about gold diggers anymore.

But how many had to worry about gold diggers in the first place?

I can't tell you how many beautiful women I have been acquainted with in my life who chose a handsome, funny, charming man who was poor, broke, sometimes jobless. It happens all the time.

Surely you know a woman like that. You might say to her: "You know you can fall in love with a rich guy as easily as a poor guy." But it doesn't work. The poor guy goes home with the girl anyway. Those women always say it was love.

So there, you misogynists. The studies now show it. It's not your money. And if it is or if it was, you were in the minority.

That should make guys like Donald Trump and Ron Perelman feel better. Turns out they were charmers all along.

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