Half of an isolated West Bank (search) settlement slated for evacuation will be empty by the end of next week, a resident said Friday.

About half of the remaining 30 families in the settlement of Ganim (search) — one of four West Bank settlements to be evacuated in August along with the Gaza Strip — will be moving in the coming week, said Ganim resident Yair Ben-Gud.

Ganim's population — listed as around 150 in 2000 — has been dwindling since the outbreak of Israeli-Palestinian fighting in September that same year. There are currently about 30 families in the settlement, which overlooks Jenin (search), a Palestinian town described by the Israeli military as a "hornets' nest" of militant activity.

"In the coming week quite a few families will be leaving," Ben-Gud told The Associated Press. "About 15 families will be left and I don't know if those 15 families will be leaving so soon."