We're Not Going to Take Any Threats Lightly

Our potential enemies know the truth about us now. We're not going to take it. You guys say you want to kill all of us, that we should all die... so we're going to come get you, and we're not coming with handcuffs to lock you up for trial.

Uday and Qusay Hussein (search) would have been taken into custody if they had come out of that house in Mosul when they were invited to surrender.

They wanted to fight, and they got the mother of all fights. A huge amount of firepower was then directed at their hideout, and guess what? They died.

Vice President Dick Cheney (search) gave a speech and pretty much said, “We are figuring out who it is out there who wants to launch attacks on America, and we're going to go get them."

Weapons of mass destruction are important, but it’s not the do or don't issue here.

The go-to-war or not-go-to-war issue is the perceived threat. Did our government feel Saddam Hussein would attack America, tomorrow if he could... years from now if he must wait?

This also explains why there are no tears after Uday and Qusay refused to give up and were killed.

There are also side benefits to killing these two. The Iraqis needed to know they were dead. Saddam’s sons were still so fearsome that the Iraqis had reason to worry they weren't dead and might come back to continue to torture, rape, murder and extort them.

Cheney says that we will hunt down the terrorists who plan on striking America. The latest Iraq news seems to confirm that that is precisely what the U.S. government is doing. So good.

So there. We’re heading into the third year. Thanks for watching.

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