Welcome to America: Where Hearts Are Big and Brains Are Small

Only in America, can we host a party and have the guests piss all over us.

Hugo Chavez comes here, calls our president the devil.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets the royal treatment here, calls our society doomed.

And tons of dignitaries converge here, park in all the wrong places here and not a one pays a parking ticket here.

Welcome to America: Where our hearts are big, but our heads are pea-brain small.

Maybe it's a good thing. We allow the very things they do not: debate, dissent, even hatred.

We endorse what they silence.

That's good. Here's what's bad: We keep endorsing it. We keep allowing it. We keep accepting it.

We allow their hatred to fester and even support their right to keep festering it, without demanding anything in return.

We're all quid — no quo.

I'm not saying "don't" allow Ahmadinejad here. I am saying, allow someone to similarly scold his country there. Dissent is meaningless unless dissent is boundary-less. No boundaries here. Big boundaries there.

Which is why they're all laughing at us right here — in our own country. A country they hate but whose kindnesses they soak up. Playing our media. Playing our most vulnerable. Bearing kind words, even gifts, when they sense the moment, realizing we are oblivious to what's happening at this moment.

They are the Trojan horses we welcome coming. We are the Trojan people who have no idea what is coming.

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