So the City of Beachwood, Ohio, has canceled its Little League All-Star Game for children ages 9-12, because it feels it hurts the self-esteem of players not chosen.

Fred Engh, the founder of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, says that by not choosing a child, you tell him he's not good enough. That's bad because, every child is an all-star and saying he's not ruins the love of the game.

Of course, Fred fails to realize that not being picked might actually cause that child to work harder. But that response might build character and who needs that?

But hey, this is America 2008, after all, where schools abolish grades because objective truth hurts dumb students. Add to that reality shows promising fame to the untalented and obscure or contests rewarding those who mimic instead of playing an instrument and the line between doing and not doing has been blurred beyond recognition.

Throw in the blogosphere, where real achievement is dwarfed by the moaning sounds of those who can't leave their bedrooms for lack of drive or fresh underwear and now everyone is a star — but no one is good at anything. We are left with a culture where the feeling of accomplishment can be derived without accomplishing anything at all.

The only solution, it seems, is to relish our fake achievements and wait for those who still believe in winning to invade and remind us what its like to lose.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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