A magical spell and everything that has the guts to open against it at the movies this weekend, all in the sorcerer's glare of The Foxlight.

Welcome to the world of Harry Potter. Harry is finally here, and it could make at least a $100 million magically appear over the next few days. That would break a weekend record. But more importantly, what does the star think of his toy action figure?

Daniel Radcliffe: Well I've never actually really seen it up close. I've seen the doll up close, but I've never actually seen the action figure up close, so I was trying to think of what it looks like and yeah, I like it.

McCuddy: Get ready, you're going to be see plenty of them.

Radcliffe: (Laughs) Yeah.

While almost everyone agrees that the movie is true to the book, not all the critics have fallen under Harry's spell. But that won't matter, at least for now, but whether it can ultimately sink Titanic is another question.

So who else would dare open this weekend? Independents like the Steve Martin dark comedy Novocaine.

A George Wallace, Snoop Dogg comedy called The Wash that basically simonizes the plot and setting of 1976's Car Wash.

And a wider opening for one of the most delightful movies of this or any year: The French pastry puff fantasy Amelie. She casts magical spells without all the special effects.