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Here are just some of the guests joining us this weekend:

Saturday, January 14

We’ll talk to Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., who has just returned from the Middle East, about the threat that Iran proposes after Iran threatened on Friday to block inspections of its nuclear sites if confronted by the U.N. Security Council because of its atomic activities.

We’ll also talk to Middle East expert Michael Ledeen, of the American Enterprise Institute, who believes the Iran situation is a complete disaster.

Then, a shocking report just out that says America’s urgent healthcare system is in shambles. Could Americans be in serious jeopardy if they’re in need of emergency care? Medical care expert Dr. Leigh Vinocur weighs in on the lack of emergency medical preparedness in the U.S.

Sunday, January 15

Did the United Nations allow Iran to become the nuclear threat they are now? We’ll ask former Israeli ambassador to the U.N., Dore Gold.

Then, how far will Iran push its nuclear ambitions? And what can be done to stop Iran? Kenneth Timmerman, author of “Countdown To Crisis: The Coming Nuke Showdown with Iran.”

Plus, the Drug Enforcement Administration wants to crack down on one of the most dangerous drugs in the U.S. — methamphetamines. So what can be done to stop this growing problem in your neighborhood? Doug Coleman, a DEA special agent and former Las Vegas deputy sheriff weighs in.

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