John Travolta, Jet Li and a very animated Billy Crystal in the monsterous glow of The Foxlight.

John Travolta's ex-wife is getting married to Vince Vaughn. That's gonna create a Domestic Disturbance. It's Vaughn vs. Travolta. Could the real Travolta take Vince in a bar fight?

Travolta: Ha! That's a good question. He's kind of scrappy.

I only asked because this is the film that inspired a real North Carolina bar fight between locals, Vaughn and Steve Buscemi.

Next, imagine that you exist in different forms in parallel universes? Your alter egos live out different destinies and follow different paths, both good and evil? That's a quote from the press material for Jet Li's The One. Confused?

Finally, critics only have eyes or in this case eye, for Monsters Inc., Billy Crystal is the big pupil from Pixar. The animation just gets better and better and the gags are even funnier than either of the Toy Stories according to nearly every review. This one should be a monster alright, at the box office.