Wednesday, Oct. 27: Hollywood Ending

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Hollywood Ending: As we head into the home stretch of the presidential election, some stars are looking to create a Hollywood ending, but is the public really buying celebrity spin? We’ll ask Glenn Pere, President of the Pere Partnership (search) about a new survey he conducted that says celebrities may influence which music we'll buy or which movies we'll see, but when it comes to which candidate we'll vote for it’s a different story.

Not-So-Nice Campaigns: Politics are ugly this year with campaign headquarters being vandalized, name-calling and negative attack ads, but it's nothing new. Rick Shenkman, a presidential historian and editor of George Mason University’s History News Network (search) joins “Dayside” to share some of these vicious stories from campaigns past.

Iraq Latest: We’re learning more about those tons of explosives believed to be missing in Iraq and “Dayside” will tell you about it as we go live to Iraq (search).

Awareness or Angst? With an incredibly close race for the presidency, are all of the get out the vote efforts, like Sean “P Diddy” Combs (search), “Vote or Die” campaign, creating more angst than awareness? We’ll ask Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post and William Bunch from the Philadelphia Daily News.

Those stories and the latest editions of Only on FOX and Stupid Criminals on today's edition of "DaySide with Linda Vester."

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