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How did Bin-Laden (search) and Mohammed Atta (search) succeed in killing more than 3,000 Americans? Guest Michael Scheuer, author of "Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror," has some answers.

And, a former FBI agent involved with the 9/11 (search) investigation signs on with the Cindy Sheehan (search) crew. Colleen Rowley enters the No Spin Zone.

Then, he's got his own show. He's got a new book. And he has some advice for President Bush. Yes, we're talking about Bill. But this time it's not Bill O'Reilly — it's Bill Maher! See Bill vs. Bill in an "O'Reilly Factor" showdown you won't want to miss!

Also, all is not quiet on the (south)western front. We’ll have an update on the state of emergency declared on the Mexican border in Arizona.

Plus, we'll get the latest from stepdad Jug Twitty (search) on the newest search efforts underway for Natalee Holloway (search).

These stories and much more including a brand-new edition of Bill's world famous "Talking Points Memo" and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day!"

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About the Show

"Other interview news shows are guest-driven," says Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist Bill O'Reilly. "'The O'Reilly Factor' is driven by me. I will not stand for 'spin.' I look for guests who will stand up and verbally battle for what they believe in."

"The O'Reilly Factor" uncovers news items from the established wisdom and goes against the grain of the more traditional interview-style programs. O'Reilly's signature "No Spin Zone" cuts through the rhetoric as he interviews the players who make the story newsworthy.

Pushing beyond just the headlines, "The O'Reilly Factor" also features issues from local markets that do not find the national spotlight on other newscasts. According to O'Reilly, "Just because a story originates from somewhere the networks typically avoid, doesn't mean it contains less challenging issues, or compelling ideas."

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