Well please do not say we did not warn you –- the czar thing –- and that it would not end with a car czar…it would just start there. Some of you didn’t listen. Maybe you should have.


(DECEMBER 11, 2008)

Or well please tell me who came up with this car czar thing. As if it wasn’t communist enough to just about take over an industry, now we have to throw out names to confirm it?

(JUNE1, 2009)

CAVUTO: Steve Rattner, who heads this auto task force, he’s like Oz. You know, I never see the guy. I never see the guy.

And I know this is not a position that requires Senate confirmation. But, again, I am delighted to see you talking to the press. He never does.

What is the deal?

AUSTAN GOOLSBEE, WHITE HOUSE ECONOMIC ADVISER: Well, you know, you should — you should try to get him. He is a lot prettier than I am.


CAVUTO: Actually, I have tried to get him, and he never is available. But you are. And I admire and respect that, as I did in the days when you were working for then candidate Obama.

But, I mean, I know you’re not going to trash the guy who chairs the task force on which you sit, but this is what troubles a lot of folks on both aisles here, all these czars running around, and apparently accountable to no one, and apparently not talking to anyone.

GOOLSBEE: No, but, now, wait.

(JUNE 3, 2009)

Leaving aside that things didn't work out too well for the last czar, the administration likes czars. We've got a car czar, a financial regulatory czar, soon a cyber-security czar.

I don't know where this czar thing is going. I do know it's going without anyone writing off on it or them.

Not us. Not even Congress.

(MAY 28, 2009)

What if I told you a decision later this week could impact you even more? New reporters saying the president is said to appoint a cyber czar for the Internet.

God they love the czar thing, you know? Things didn’t work out too well for the last czar if my memory serves me right.

(JUNE 3, 2009)

From the czar, nothing — as if he were saying, "Quiet, silly subject! I'm the czar."

But again, he's not saying anything, is he? He doesn't have to. He's a czar and we're not.

If only Czar Nicholas had this gig, right? Nothing – I guarantee you, nothing — would have ever happened to him.


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