We Thank You, the Viewers

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Like a lot of families out there, my family was holding its breath for several months this year as our son was deployed to Iraq. Last week, he returned home for a glorious reunion for which we gave thanks.

But, while we gave thanks in private, we also give thanks in public. One of the secrets of our success at FOX is that there is a sense of family here. Not just for those of us who work here, but for those of you who watch. We feel connected in a special way to all of you, and when my son went to war, you all pitched in. He and his task force were getting letters, cards and packages from FOX fans all over the world.

I thought about getting him on air to say thanks. But he’s not a camera-hog like his father. More than that, he doesn’t like to be singled out while so many of his brothers and sisters are still over there, still in need of your thoughts and prayers. In short, my son’s a lot wiser than I am. But from the bottom of his heart, from the bottom of my family’s heart, we thank you.

That's the Asman Observer.