It doesn't play, you don't pay.

What if we did health care reform that way? Sort of like a money-back guarantee: Either it saves us money or we don't pay them any money. Either we keep our doctors or we don't have to pay a thing if they take away our doctors.

If we have to wait a month for an MRI, we don't pay for that MRI.

If it takes months to book an appointment with a specialist, we don't pay for that specialist. Assuming, of course, we're still alive to see the specialist.

You see my point?

I'd build performance measures into every health measure — every single measure, every single promise.

They don't get costs down, we don't put a penny up — that simple.

I know, that crazy too. But why?

Why is it so crazy to demand our politicians throwing out a lot of promises on health care reform, put in writing that we don't have to pay if they don't deliver those promises on health care reform?

I mean, GM's doing that with its cars now. Sixty days to try them out and if you don't like them, just return them with the keys and be done with them. No questions asked.

Not bad — and we bailed these guys out.

Pity the folks in Congress who wrote the check can't figure it out. Because nothing gets you off the spending dime than realizing if you screw up, you aren't getting any more dimes.

You play, you better pay.

Because I'm telling you something: We won't.

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