President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this week, and immediately there was criticism and condemnation from those who said he hadn't done anything to have earned it.

He has only been in office for less than nine months and the actual nominations were made February 1, just two weeks into his presidency. Reactions ranged from those who fumed over his lack of accomplishment to those who said the Nobel Prize has just become an affirmation of political correctness. Even the late night comedians noted the irony"


JAY LENO, HOST: I want to say congratulations to Barack Obama. He has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize award. The Nobel committee said they want to recognize the president's fine work in bringing peace to a black professor and a white cop through strategic use of beer. Through beer, the Beer Summit… Ironically, the biggest accomplishment of this president so far: Winning the Nobel Peace Prize.


Well, I think that's just a bunch of whining by the cry babies jealous of President Obama. Personally, I congratulate President Obama for this huge recognition as well as that big fat cash prize of $1.4 million. Now that's change and folding money that we can believe in!

Let the boo-birds say what they will, I'm thrilled that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for what the committee said was not so much what he has done, but what they hope he will do.

Talk about giving hope to all of us — no longer do we have to actually accomplish stuff, but simply convince others that we hope to accomplish stuff. I think we ought to universally celebrate the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize for potential deeds.

Since I'm a musician, I'd like to go ahead and get my Grammy now — and I'm on TV, so I want an Emmy as well.

I've written several books, and have a brand-new Christmas book that hits the bookstores in November, so let me thank everyone in advance for the Pulitzer Prize that I've always wanted.

I also want to go ahead and get an Oscar even though I've not been in a movie yet, but because I still believe I'll be asked, and if so, you'd like me, you'd really like me!

I'd like a Super Bowl ring, World Series ring, Heavyweight Boxing belt, and NASCAR's Sprint Cup.

I want to be on the "Best Dressed List," be Time's "Man of the Year," and named to People Magazine's "Most Beautiful People List."

Heck, go ahead and give me a Tony Award — I haven't been in a Broadway play, but I did see Jersey Boys a few weeks ago and knew all the songs… that's potential.

And hey, you might even ask your boss for a big ol' raise even if you're a slacker at work, because deep inside of you, there's all kinds of potential, and it would be a lot more fun to go ahead and get the paycheck now.

To all my Republican friends who have said really tacky things about President Obama not having accomplished enough for the Nobel Peace Prize, I say, put a lid on it. Quit your bellyaching and take the sour grapes out of your mouth, and instead, take in a deep breath of unbridled hope that you too will be recognized for what you might do someday.

That's my view, I welcome yours. E-mail your comments to: huckmail@foxnews.com

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