We Live in Interesting Times

Man, oh, man — we live in interesting times. Your nation's capital is a place with many, many things happening at once. Let me review:

Bill Frist (search), the Republican majority leader of the Senate is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department.

Tom DeLay (search) is indicted by a Travis County, Texas grand jury and must relinquish the post of House majority leader until the matter is resolved.

Your government continues to struggle with the after-effects of natural disaster that might well cost future generations $200 billion or more.

In John Roberts, (search) the country has a brand new chief justice of the United States who could theoretically lead the high court and the judicial branch of government for the next 20 to 30 years.

Harriet Miers (search), White House counsel and a long-time confidant of the president, has been chosen to fill the seat of retiring Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Oh, let us not forget, the Washington Redskins (search) are undefeated so far this season, and unbelievably, sit atop the NFC East.

I cannot recall a recent time in Washington when there has been such a confluence of big news like this. So much to watch, so much to keep up with — so much to talk about.

A couple of thoughts: between Frist and DeLay, it appears to me that DeLay has the biggest problem. If what Senator Frist has represented is indeed the truth, the investigation is a formality and will probably yield little. We'll have to watch this closely, but I suspect this will be resolved in rather short order to the senator's satisfaction. DeLay is wrestling with a cunning and clever opponent in the form of one cantankerous, Democratic district attorney from Travis County, Texas. Here the allegations are more complex — there is money to trace and vague Texas election laws to be interpreted. If DeLay actually goes to trial (an open question) the outcome will depend to some degree on whether he is tried in liberal Travis County — or whether he gets a change of venue to a more conservative part of the state. I would love to be in that Austin courtroom to watch the Texas cage fight that will take place between DA Ronnie Earle (search) and DeLay's attorney, Dick DeGuerin.

John G. Roberts Jr., has a job for life and can now look forward to (among other things) that fascinating case being brought by former Playboy centerfold, alleged gold-digger and bloated reality TV star, Anna Nicole Smith (search). I can't wait to see how many cameras show up on the steps of the Supreme Court when that case is heard.

Harriet Miers is going to be interesting because she has practically no paper trail. This will leave the left and the right wondering what she will really do, if confirmed.

As for the Redskins, I can only say that the last time the 'Skins started a season 3-0 — they went all the way to the Super Bowl.

I know that some of you are going to ask, why I, as a Texan, root for the Washington Redskins. As a young boy, I was a dedicated Cowboys fan. I watched many a thrilling Sunday afternoon game featuring remarkable comebacks engineered by legendary Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach (search). My affection for the Cowboys faded rapidly, however, when Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys and summarily dismissed coach Tom Landry (search) without so much as a goodbye or thank you. This was an unforgivable slight. After Jones treated the sainted Landry so shabbily, I could never look at the Cowboys the same way. The Redskins organization actually invited Coach Landry to DC shortly after he was fired and held a dinner in his honor. That always impressed me. In Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, I see many of the qualities I so admired in the late Tom Landry.

A rambling blog today, but that's what happens when you live in interesting times. See you Sunday.

— Brian

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Brian Wilson is a congressional correspondent for FOX News and anchor of the Sunday edition of "Weekend Live."