We Have to Get Usama bin Laden

Usama as Elvis?

That's what we could have if the U.S. doesn't pick up the ball, and go into those caves in which our Afghan buddies have shown no interest.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said it, and he's probably right: Usama bin Laden might be dead in one of those caves, or he might have escaped.

We don't know, and if we don't find out, Usama becomes an Elvis or an alien ... spotted in every convenience store, the guy who everybody sees and nobody can find for certain.

We need to find out what happened to bin Laden. If the Afghan troops, Mujahadeen, freedom fighters, whatever they are, don't care and won't look, then we should do it.

Yes, it's dangerous, but we have the troops and the technology that will make searching those caves less dangerous than one might think.

If bin Laden is in Pakistan, we have to find him there too. With all due respect to Pakistan's president, if they can't find him, our operatives should. We should either whisk him out of there under the dark of night, or we should simply make his breathing stop.

Why is this so important to us if it's not important to the Afghans or the Pakistanis? Well, because this whole deal for us is about the terrorism of Sept. 11 and getting the person responsible.

A new government, new freedom for Afghanistan is a by-product. It's admirable, desirable, a fine thing, but we wouldn't have gone to war to accomplish those things had it not been for the terror attacks directed at us. Bin Laden is the most important part of this deal.

We have to find out what happened to him, and if nothing happened to him, we have to make it happen. Just letting him waft around out there as the perhaps late Usama, isn't going to be good enough.

It isn't just that he could make all sorts of mischief if he's still alive, although that's a perfectly good reason ...

It's the state of rumor production in this world. If we can't prove he's dead, someone will say he's alive. He'll become a cult figure. He'll have followers. He'll be seen as a winner.

He has to be a loser. We have to find his body.

That's My Word.

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