Dear Viewers,

If you are looking for today's video streaming from last night's show e-mails, give up now. It isn't here.

After the show last night Bernie and I sat down — as is our nightly routine — to answer the show e-mails that pour in and there was not one. Bizarre? Very.

There is no doubt that something is wrong with our show e-mail account and this time I am not taking responsibility. I did nothing to the computer. I did not download any "extra" programs, install any of that "free" anti spyware that pops up and gets offered all the time, I did not click on any of those "congratulations, you have just won a car" pop ups, I did not get frustrated and simply turn off the computer mid program — in short, I did nothing.

I don't have a guilty conscience this time. While I concede that most computer issues result from something stupid or impatient that I have done, this time I have not done anything.

Before I left the bureau last night, I did send an e-mail to the computer department in N.Y.C. telling them we have a problem. I hope to have this new problem fixed soon and that we will have e-mail answers video streamed for you in short order.


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