We seem to equate a big heart with a big wallet and compassion with cash.

The more compassion, the more cash — as if the measure of a man or woman is the measure of the taxes they pay or money they fork over.

So it is selfish to question how that money is spent. Selfish to quibble with bailouts whose own rules are bailed out. Selfish to think twice about rescues that don't rescue or boondoggles that keep boondoggling.

Selfish to think putting good money after bad is good and paying for bad programs with good money isn't bad. It is.

Trust me, I am not an apologist for the rich, but I just find it rich to condemn those who question rich price tags.

Where the rules change, the purposes change more and the waste and abuse have a way of never changing at all. All with our change — rich and poor and everything in between.

Believe me, wasting money is wasting money. Whether it's a rich dude's dough or everyone else's dough, it's our dough, forked over to our government. A government that says it has our best interests, but refuses to show those interests.

It won't spell out who's getting the money or what they have to do for that money or — when it doesn't work — why they hell they need still more money.

And one is selfish to quibble and question this?

I've had enough of this.

Only those in Washington can frame a debate by taking themselves out of it.

The culprit for what ails us, my friends, isn't us. It's them.

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