There is only one thing that we could possibly lead with today and that is Timothy Geithner.

He is — I believe — the most qualified guy for the treasury secretary job. He's the guy I would have picked. I also would not have picked him because it's not just about his credentials. It's more than that.

Banks and politicians trust him. And maybe at this point in our country's history, that's why we shouldn't. In a country where thousands of people are losing their jobs, we are promoting a guy who has made three major errors in judgment, any one of which would have put you or me in the unemployment line.

First, he's the guys that developed the TARP program. You know, the program where we've already lost over 25% of our money in that can't mis-invest — no really America, we're just going to put it in this bank right here, you’re going to be worth a fortune in five years.

Really? We've already lost over $64 billion. Tim, I think that whole TARP thing, you might wanna leave that off your resume.

Second, Geithner cheated on his income taxes. I mean, it wasn't just once. It was, like, a lot of times. He even accepted cash for taxes he never paid.

He appeared before Congress today and — while he didn’t cry — he said, "Gosh, darn it. We sure do love apologies. Yes, senator. I do know that I sold nuclear secrets to China, but I'm really, really sorry. Can I still be in the Cabinet?"

I don't think so clown!

Again, this is not about his judgment. This is — I mean, this is not about his qualifications. This is about his judgment; his ability to run our tax system and the printing presses, which are currently going 24 hours a day.

And third, he employed an illegal immigrant in his home. Now, let's just say he doesn't care about all of that. And he's got a compassionate — he's just, just a good person. He's a public figure.

I mean, as a public figure you can say, "You know, I really love you but I can't have this coming down on my head." If there's any question about somebody's status, there's no question they shouldn’t be working for you. At least because you’re a public figure and you might get caught.

With the amount of power given to the treasury secretary, we need to know we will have somebody who will act with honor, even when nobody is watching. That, apparently, is not Tim Geithner. We don't need a gambler in charge of America's money.

So, the question is, when America will finally say, "You know, I think I’ve learned my lesson. Enough is enough"?

No one is too big to fail. No one in this country is above the law. Those pushing for him are the same clowns that got us into this mess in the first place.

And, another thing. How can we teach our kids that business ethics matter when they apparently don't matter to America’s top money man? You can't do business with somebody — anybody — if you can't look that person in the eye and trust him.

Everything we know about this guy — so far — suggests that we cannot trust Timothy Geithner. He is a gambler with his own life and possibly with our money. This guy wants an unlimited bankroll — our bankroll. And it's time to cut him off. If Timothy Geithner can be stopped, it's probably going to be a Republican who does it.

So who's going to stand up and say, "No, I don't think you should really be running the IRS"?