I've been featuring survivors of the Great Depression on both this show and my show on FOX Business Network these last few days to make two points.

One, there was a time things were much worse.

And two, there was a time when we didn't treat ourselves as victims.

I think the second point is the really important one.

It's probably fair to say some got duped into signing questionable mortgages.

But they signed them.

Some blame McDonald's for making them fat with those double cheese quarter pounders.

But they ate those double cheese quarter pounders.

Some got in over their heads racking up credit card debt from unscrupulous lenders.

But they racked up the debt on those credit cards.

My point is not that there's always someone to blame.

Just that there's only one person ultimately accountable.




The greatest generation got that greatest of all simple points in life.

We are what we do, what we sign, what we eat.

As Jeno himself reminded me on this very show, "life didn't give me much, so it was up to me to get much out of life."

He got that.

Do we?

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