Watchdog Mistakenly Reports Video Game Image Is Terrorists' Nuclear Simulation

If only terrorists could be this creative.

An image on two Islamic extremist Web sites depicting Washington, D.C., after a nuclear attack was not created by radicals but swiped from a computer game, the U.K.’s Telegraph reported on Friday.

The terrorist-monitoring SITE Intelligence Group on Thursday reported that terrorists had created the image, which shows a large gash in the Capitol and the surrounding area in ruins, as part of dialogue on the ability to launch nuclear assaults on the United States and Britain, the Telegraph reported.

The image appeared on the al-Ekhlass and al-Hesbah Web sites in video titled "Nuclear Jihad: The Ultimate Terror." The groups are believed to have ties to Al Qaeda.

It did not take long to realize the image actually is from a scene in "Fallout 3," dubbed by its U.S. makers as "America’s first choice in post-nuclear simulation."

According to its Web site, SITE reports on the day-to-day happenings of terrorists as gleaned from Internet postings. "Studying the primary source propaganda, training manuals and chatter of terrorists offers insight into terrorists and their activities that can not be obtained anywhere else."

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