I've concluded that the very rich are very different from you and me.

No surprises there.

But this election year, I've also concluded the very rich are very different from the merely rich.

After all, the very rich like Martha Stewart can safely say as she did on this very show that those like her should "suck it in" and pay a higher tax rate for the good of the country.

When I pointed out that there's a big difference between the super rich like her and the merely- kinda rich, like the rest of those top five-percenters, she didn't much see the difference.

And neither does Barack Obama.

He wants to hike taxes on this August Group under the assumption they can afford it.

Some, I guess, like Martha can.

Billionaires like George Soros can. Or Warren Buffett. Or Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Billionaires all. Obama backers all.

All not the least bit concerned about that annoying tax hike, because to them it's not so annoying. The equivalent of pocket change, I suppose.

But I also suppose no one's talked to the guy for whom this is a tad more than pocket change.

Not the guy making $250 million. The guy making $250,000. That's the wide range of the upper income.

The $250 million dude is rich everywhere. The $250,000 guy hardly feels rich anywhere.

Particularly if that anywhere is anywhere near a city.

That guy's not Martha, or George, or Warren, or Eric.

Yet he's lumped with those rich guys, who can do more, and should do more, because, they have more.

And now along comes a potential new wave in Washington that says give us more, a lot more.

And if you think they don't ask more of people who earn even less, I want you to think more.

Some say Joe Biden just had a slip of the tongue when he said taxes are going down for everyone making less than $150,000.

I wonder.

Maybe he was just moving the target a little early.

Because at the rate he's going, pretty soon everyone will be rich. And everyone will pay dearly for the privilege.

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