A Washington state mother has filed a complaint against her daughter's school district after she brought home a sexual education book.

Jennifer Swedeoson says she was caught off guard when her 10-year-old daughter, Kaleigh, brought the book home from school.

"I start flipping through — this is all right — but then it starts talking more about sex, and I get into it and it's completely too graphic for her," she told Q13Fox.com.

The book, "What's the Big Secret," which is allowed at the Oak Harbor School District, shows how boys and girls differ and talks about "different types of touching."

"This is one of the first that definitely caught my eye, talking about masturbation when you are 10 years old. What do you need to read that for? I'm not so upset about the book itself. I think they should be sending home permission slips, making sure parents are aware that the book is there," she told the website.

The school district says it has never had a problem with offering the book to students until now.

"This book been on the shelves for 10 years, at five different elementary schools. That's 2,500 students a year, that's a lot of kids that had opportunity, and a lot of parents to give their input on it. This is the first time there's been any question about it." assistant superintendent Lance Gibbon told the website.

Gibbon also added that sex-ed classes begin in the fifth grade for Washington state students.

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