So General Motors says it's on the rebound; so much of a rebound, that by the end of this year, it's going to start paying back all the money we gave it. Maybe a billion bucks by December 31 and another billion bucks each quarter for the next six quarters. Then the rest of it in some huge public offering the company is planning sometime next year, maybe early 2011.

So by then, we'll get all our money back, all of it. And, I'm told, with interest.

So, one question: When can I expect my check? You know, my share of that loan I co-signed. By my math, it should be at least a few hundred bucks; about what a $50 billion loan works out to when you divide it by the roughly 300 million Americans who wrote it.

So I'm waiting for it: My share, my interest, my check.

And don't give me that nonsense, Washington: "We never asked you for the money when we gave it, we're not going to return the money when you demand it."

This is the same nonsense you pulled with this TARP thing. Originally that was meant for rescuing big banks. Then some of those big banks gave it back and you said, let's save it for other big banks that might go bad.

Then it was for small banks, then all banks, then not even banks. Any old special interest with a special need will do.

Well, no, Washington, this will not do. Not for the folks who write the checks and pay your salary.

So pay us some respect. First, by trying something novel: Paying us back.

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